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There’s a reason both aspiring and veteran musicians take on the grueling and expensive task of a roadshow: it builds awareness, supplies demand, and enables a planned route of exposure in several locations over a set period of time. At each stop, the performing party (be it publicly traded company or superstar) has the opportunity to demonstrate its value to the given audience.

Investors rarely take time to visit the brick and mortar establishment of the companies they invest in, but they are known to take advantage of a meeting on their own turf. Roadshows can be taxing and costly, but when you’re delivering the information directly to the audience yourself, the venture is worth every dime.

A roadshow typically lasts a week to 10 days with visits to multiple cities – sometimes within the same day. The task can be exhausting, but with the right strategies and coaching you can maintain a steady pace and deliver a top-quality, consistent message with every stop. The investment community loves to talk and share investing ideas; once the wheels start turning, it’s hard to slow them down. Your goal is to make sure the word moving through the grapevine is exactly what you want it to be.

Whether you’ve been a publicly traded company for years or want to plan a pre-IPO road show, NNW can provide your management team with event promotion, logistics, presentation preparation and material, coaching and more.

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