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Investor Day Execution

Hosting an investor day can be an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your shareholders and reaffirm their trust in your company. You may want to provide a corporate update, discuss details of a recent and/or future corporate event, increase your transparency, or introduce members of your management team directly to your investors. Whatever the case, a well-prepared investor day puts you face-to-face with one of your most important audiences.

There are three basic components to a successful investor day, and NetworkNewsWire (NNW) has the resources and strategies to help you make sure all bases are covered.

Preparation – Don’t underestimate this initial step. If you aren’t well-prepared for investor day, it will be painfully obvious to your shareholders. Preparation includes getting your presentation materials together, making sure they read/demonstrate well, and practicing HOW you’ll present. It’s important to know your audience and accommodate their taste, but entertaining is better than dry. Often, this is not just the first time, but is the only time you’ll meet your investors face-to-face, and it’s vitally important to leave a good impression. The investment community is an active grapevine, and the quality of your event will quickly work its way through the vine.

Presentation – You’ve come prepared, which means you’re confident and ready to shine. Make sure your shareholders have comfortable and have adequate seating with a clear line of sight. The presenter – whether it is you or someone else from your management team – should be well-spoken and well-versed in your corporate affairs. Your presentation should answer foreseeable questions about your operations, leadership team, corporate objectives, industry challenges and financial performance. It’s a good idea to make a professional recording of the session to use as a reference point for your next presentation, as well as for investors who are unable to attend. This recording should also be archived on your website.

Follow-up – Following up with shareholders is an easy way to thank them for attending while getting a feel for how they perceived the information. This can be done with a simple and fairly short survey delivered via email. Use the feedback to shape your next investor day, to determine how you can fill in any gaps in shareholder communication, and test the waters for shareholder confidence. This feedback is invaluable. Any negative feedback should be immediately addressed.

A well-executed Investor Day ensures that shareholders walk away confident in their investment and with a clear understanding of your current position and market potential. Whether you need help preparing, finding a location, inviting shareholders or recording your presentation, NNW’s team of professionals can help you put your best foot forward.

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