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Webcasts & Conference Calls

Webcasts and conference calls are essential for mass communication between a company and its employees, shareholders, interested parties and journalists. While effective in theory, however, many of these conferences lack cohesiveness, structure and engagement. Conference calls provide a great opportunity to talk with colleagues and clients regardless of their geographic location, but without the proper planning and execution they can also be huge waste of time.

Weak structure, tardy participants, poor phone/Internet connections, and distracting background noise are just a few issues that tend to plague conference calls. Discouraged by these annoyances, the productivity of these calls quickly tapers to a halt.

At NetworkNewsWire (NNW) we have experienced the best of the best conference calls/webcasts, as well as the worst of the worst. Through our own trial and error we have developed a strategy to coordinate successful conferences and ensure that participants have the right information needed to be prepared, interested and on time.

Whether you’re speaking to the team at your corporate branch across the United States, or training staff overseas, NNW’s experienced organizers can help you achieve optimal results. Our solutions include planning, moderation, execution and follow-up of a successful conference call. The goal is start your conference on time and in an allotted amount of time, to clearly deliver the right message, and to allow participants to return to their daily tasks.

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