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Messaging is one of those things you can’t afford to mess up. Creating and delivering the right message for your brand is vital in today’s cutthroat business world. We have all witnessed the rise and fall of highly publicized organizations. Many success stories, as well as major flops, can be traced back to the way a company’s message is perceived by the public – be it negative or positive.

If you are struggling to create a corporate message, ask yourself a few questions: What does the public know about my products and services? Is my brand recognizable? What type of reputation am I trying to build? Is there a stigma we need to overcome?

Big-name brands understand critical messaging for business purposes, and often spend millions of dollars for professional messaging services. As you very well know, the average business simply doesn’t have the budget for that type of expense.

The good news is that NetworkNewsWire (NNW) offers these same great services and branding knowledge at an affordable cost without compromising quality.

Memorable brands are linked to a strong emotion or mental recognition. When you think about your favorite soda or hamburger joint, what comes to mind? You might see a cold, fizzy drink in a specific type of glass. You might visualize golden arches. The truly successful brands know WHO they are, as well as the types of benefits their products and services offer. These brands understand how to put that together with the perfect message to symbolize their brand.

Some of the most successful branding messages are short, but unforgettable.

Avis. We’re number two so we try harder.

In this terse message, the consumer learns that Avis strives to provide great service, knowing it must always try harder. Avis may not be the industry leader, but it is constantly working for the top spot.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This logo has been quoted in movies, TV shows, commercials and even in casual conversation. In fact, it is so successful, most people don’t even realize it was created as part of a marketing campaign designed to encapsulate the Vegas experience. This is the type of branding message that results in untold publicity and endless revenue.

With the right team on your side, you too can create a powerful message with a strong emotional connection.

NNW’s marketing professionals have the resources and creativity to create and distribute a thought-provoking, memorable message for your business. We work to determine WHO you are and then identify the emotions your brand should elicit among your audience. With a results-driven philosophy, our team can provide the strong marketing campaigns you need for success.

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