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FridayNov 04, 2016 1:22 pm

OurPet’s Company’s (OPCO) Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter™ with Biochar gets a Nod from the Vet

At this year’s SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers that ran from July 31 – August 4 in Las Vegas, innovative pet care outfit OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) launched its new OurPets® Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter™ with Biochar (http://nnw.fm/MJyp8). The timing was opportune. It seems there is growing awareness of biochar’s benefits. In a recent interview (http://nnw.fm/tGR6Q), well-known veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, DVM discussed the virtues of this unique form of charcoal as litter material for cats. Biochar has a huge surface area because of its porosity. It is also hugely recalcitrant, and so holds on to nutrients, water…

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FridayNov 04, 2016 12:03 pm

New OTCQX Best Market International Interlisting Rules Increase Investor Introductions

Proposed amendments to the listing rules for the OTCQX Best Market are likely to benefit international companies. The rules, which will become effective from January 1, 2017, should make it easier for Canadian and other foreign companies to establish a secondary market in their shares for U.S. investors. For historical reasons, an OTC listing had come to be synonymous with penny stocks. The earliest OTC precursor, Roger Babson’s National Quotation Bureau (NQB), published a directory of broker-dealer quotations on slips of pink paper: the notorious “Pink Sheets”. Today, the OTC Markets Group is a different animal. It still lists penny…

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FridayNov 04, 2016 9:14 am

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) Subsidiary Set to Capitalize on $6 Billion Cannabis Industry Transactions

The marijuana industry is growing at a fast and steady pace, being set to reach $6.7 billion by the end of the year and approximately $20.6 billion by 2020 – making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States economy. The figures could go even higher as demand continues to grow and nine more states are voting next week on legalizing either medical or recreational marijuana use. To help the industry face new challenges and its expanding reach, Singlepoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) subsidiary SingleSeed (http://nnw.fm/voH36) is awakening from a quiet period to provide state-of-the-art payment solutions and…

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ThursdayNov 03, 2016 3:41 pm

OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Positioned for Growth Within the $60 Billion Pet Industry

The future of OurPet’s Company (http://nnw.fm/ZY4Px) (OTCQX: OPCO), a producer of innovative pet related products, is looking bright thanks to the growth of the pets industry since 2014. Since its foundation in 1995, OurPet’s Company has been dedicated to providing nutritional, medical, physical, and emotional stimulation and value to pets across the U.S. But, the pet industry has never looked as strong as today. As warmer weather than usual crosses the U.S., sales have boomed in both veterinary and non-medical services. Spending for 2015 came in at a record $60.28 billion, and this figure is expected to grow by the…

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ThursdayNov 03, 2016 10:28 am

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) Seeks to Capitalize on Evolving Cannabis Industry by Awakening SingleSeed Subsidiary

Before the opening bell, Singlepoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) announced plans to awaken its SingleSeed subsidiary from a quiet period in an effort to capitalize on rising demand and an evolving legislative environment surrounding the cannabis market in the United States. With politicians on both sides of the aisle working toward a resolution to the current marijuana banking conundrum, which limits the ability of legitimate marijuana-related businesses to access banks and credit unions, Singlepoint will look to leverage its existing customer base and position as “one of the first merchant service providers” targeting the marijuana industry in order to spur accelerated…

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ThursdayNov 03, 2016 9:19 am

eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Capitalizing on Canada’s Real Estate Market

Recently, real estate in Canada has reached an all-time high, but it is worth noting that many analysts, including those at the Financial Post (http://nnw.fm/Mjp4w), are convinced that price acceleration in Canada will slow without experiencing a hard landing. The article also reports significantly elevated prices in both Vancouver and Toronto, although these are slowly dropping. In addition, a report entitled ‘Vancouver still top real estate market to watch in Canada: report’ (http://nnw.fm/8SNch) names Vancouver the top Canadian real estate market to watch in 2017 thanks to millennials. The article (by News 1130) says that, although housing prices could drop…

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WednesdayNov 02, 2016 2:56 pm

Net Element, Inc. (NETE) Offering Reliable High-tech Payment Solutions to Worldwide E-commerce Enterprises

The payments industry is changing rapidly, with a growing number of users opting to pay for services or merchandise online or via mobile apps. This tendency has led to the emergence of thousands of companies dedicated to facilitating these payments for both the customers and the merchants. As more and more such businesses appear, there is growing concern for the quality and reliability of payment processing services, as well as for security of payment information. According to a Business Insider report (http://nnw.fm/hS9xG) that takes an in-depth look at the current payment processing ecosystem, 2016 is a busy year for payments…

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WednesdayNov 02, 2016 9:22 am

Monaker Group (MKGI) Contributing to Iceland’s Tourism Industry

According to Vox.com (http://nnw.fm/Xv4ml), Iceland didn’t become a tourist destination until the late 40’s, averaging only 5,300 people from around the globe visiting each year. By the late 90’s, this number grew to more than 200,000 tourists, a number that steadied until 2011, when things changed. Between 2011 and 2016, the number of foreign visitors to the country exploded, reaching a huge 1.6 million. Not only this, tourist numbers in Iceland are expected to reach two million by the end of 2016. With outlets across the globe promoting Iceland as “a must see destination”, it is no surprise that the…

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TuesdayNov 01, 2016 2:37 pm

Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN) Set to Revolutionize Worldwide Broadband Connectivity

Airborne Wireless Network (OTCQB: ABWN), a tech company based in Simi Valley, California, has its mind set on changing the future of airborne connectivity forever by creating the first and only Airborne Wholesale Carrier Network and offering better and more efficient connectivity to worldwide communications and data service providers. Based on a patent designed and obtained by a forward-thinking entrepreneur back in 2001, the Wholesale Carrier Network would use commercial aircraft as mini-satellites so as to create a global “airborne digital superhighway.” ABWN acquired the patent this year and intends to fully develop this technology and complete the creation of…

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TuesdayNov 01, 2016 12:12 pm

Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. (MTBC) to Release Third Quarter Results Late Next Week

Before the opening bell, Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. (NASDAQ: MTBC; MTBCP) announced plans to release its third quarter financial results for the three-month period ended September 30, 2016, before the market opens on Thursday, November 10. Following the release, MTBC plans to host a conference call for investors in order to review highlights from its quarterly results, including the recent acquisition of MediGain, LLC and its affiliate, Millennium Practice Management, LLC. The conference call will take place on November 10 at 8:30 am EDT. To access the call, investors should dial 844-802-2438, or 412-317-5131 for international callers, and reference “MTBC…

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