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Starco Brands Inc. (OTCQB: STCB)

Investment Considerations
  • Starco Brands announced in March 2023 that Whipshots had sold over two million cans since its December 2021 launch.
  • The company announced in February 2023 its acquisition of Soylent Nutrition Inc., which pioneered the plant-based “complete nutrition” and “functional food” categories.
  • Soylent, in March 2023, announced an expanded partnership with Meijer Grocery Stores, making its nutrition shakes available at hundreds of Meijer locations.
  • Starco Brands, in January 2023, announced it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Skylar, a maker of hypoallergenic fragrances that are safe for sensitive skin.

Starco Brands Inc. (OTCQB: STCB) is a modern-day invention factory. The Company’s unwavering mission is to invent and acquire consumer products and brands with behavior-changing technologies that spark excitement in the everyday.

This consumer product company has grown from a few million dollars in revenue to a current run rate of approximately $67 million in annual revenue in one year.

The Company has succeeded by identifying whitespaces across consumer product categories and then either: 1) leveraging its internal R&D capabilities and dedicated manufacturing network to invent new technologies and brands or 2) utilizing the management team’s extensive M&A experience to acquire brands that fill the industry void, delighting consumers and retailers alike.

Starco Brands’ core competencies are in inventing game-changing technologies, dedicated third-party manufacturing with cross-category capabilities, M&A and deal-making expertise, and disruptive marketing that builds trends, pushes awareness, penetrates media (social and otherwise) and executes cutting-edge pull-through strategies through a roster of globally recognized celebrities, influencers and media and distribution partners.

If it’s not truly new, doesn’t change behaviors, and doesn’t spark enjoyment, then Starco Brands won’t market it.

The Company is based in Santa Monica, California.


Whereas other consumer products companies are content with evolution, the Company has its mind set on creating a revolution across the industry. From disrupting the spirits industry with Whipshots, the world’s only vodka-infused whipped cream, to Soylent, the original food tech company and the world’s most perfect food, Starco Brands is putting the CPG world on notice. Its portfolio of brands includes:

  • Whipshots® is a first-of-its-kind alcoholic whipped cream launched in 2021 with global artist and icon Cardi B. Consumers have embraced this boozy concoction, putting it on top of cocktails, coffees, and desserts, or enjoying it straight from the can. In just over a year, the brand sold over 2 MILLION cans, making it one of the fastest-growing spirits in history.
  • Winona® gives consumers movie theater popcorn in the comfort of their own homes. It is the first indulgent theater-popcorn spray powered by air, with all the flavor and none of the additives in these all-natural, non-GMO popcorn seasoning sprays. A simple spray is all it takes to add the perfect pop of flavor to the classic theater treat.
  • Art of Sport is the number one skincare brand for athletes and was co-founded by the great Kobe Bryant. With a growing line of personal care products tested by the world’s greatest athletes, these daily skin essentials give consumers everything they need to feel fresh, stay protected and confident and perform at their peak every day.
  • Skylar is the first and only line of perfumes on the market that are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. With the strong support of industry titan Sephora, the brand has quickly attracted a loyal following.
  • Soylent, the original plant-based food technology company, is on a mission to deliver complete nutrition products that are good for the body and the planet. Originally funded by GV and Andreessen Horwitz, Soylent is dubbed the world’s most perfect food and was the recipient of the 2023 Product of Year Award by Kantar, a global leader in consumer research.

With award-winning marketing talent, Starco Brands develops robust, integrated marketing plans for every brand in its portfolio, ensuring an impactful presence across all verticals.

Market Outlook

Starco Brands’ varied brand portfolio gives it access to the growth of numerous product categories ripe for innovation.

Through its February 2023 acquisition of complete nutrition pioneer Soylent, Starco Brands is positioned to capitalize on the projected growth of the plant-based nutrition space. Research firm Statista valued the plant-based nutrition market at $29.4 billion in 2020 and forecasts its value at nearly $162 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 18.7% for the period.

Likewise, Starco Brands gained improved access to the global fragrance market through its acquisition of Skylar, announced in January 2023. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global perfume market was valued at $50.85 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to a value of nearly $80 billion by 2030, achieving a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period.

The company is primed to expand its access to other growth verticals as it continues to invent and acquire behavior-changing technologies and brands.

Management Team

Ross Sklar is the CEO of Starco Brands and The Starco Group (a private manufacturer integral to Starco Brands’ product development). With a background in chemical formulation, Sklar founded his first company while in college in 1997. Since 2004, he has executed over a dozen acquisitions, encompassing a diverse range of industrial, household, personal care, and food and beverage businesses. Starco Brands was established to harness Sklar’s ability to create cutting-edge technologies and to develop innovative, behavior-changing brands.

Chief Operating Officer Darin Brown has over 20 years of expertise in chemical manufacturing, business development, finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Brown has been instrumental in scaling the business from its pivot in 2017 to commercialize leading-edge products. Brown’s significant impact is evident through his numerous accomplishments, including turnarounds and spearheading a dozen acquisitions in the past decade.

Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dreyer brings over 20 years of experience working with companies like Honda, Stamps.com, and prestigious agencies such as Deutsch, TBWA/Chiat/Day, The Woo, and Media Arts Lab. His impressive portfolio includes Apple, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Infiniti, The GRAMMYs, Jimmy Dean, and TOMS. Additionally, Dreyer is a Professor of Advertising at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, where he loves introducing students to the world of advertising and helping them find their footing in the industry.

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