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Investment Considerations
  • In May 2024, GEMXX announced its partnership with Latin Energy Partners Inc. to jointly drill four test oil and gas wells in a promising geological formation in Paraguay.
  • Earlier that month, the company announced its pivot to investing in oil and gas exploration projects, while maintaining its previous gemstone mining and jewelry manufacturing operations.
  • GEMXX in April 2024 named Richard Clowater, formerly the company’s President, as its new CEO.

GEMXX Corp. (OTC: GEMZ), a publicly traded company established as a mine-to-market gold, gemstone and jewelry producer, is now expanding into energy projects and has positioned itself to be a significant player in the energy market with a focus on investment in Latin America’s oil and gas sector. Established with a vision to capitalize on untapped and emerging opportunities, the company specializes in identifying and executing projects with the potential of extraordinary returns.

GEMXX (and its partners) are led by seasoned experts with decades of collective experience in the energy industry. GEMXX leverages cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships and rigorous market analysis to pinpoint lucrative ventures in Latin America’s dynamic energy landscape. Central to the company’s mission is its commitment to investing in overlooked, low-cost, high return oil and gas exploration projects. By meticulously assessing geological data, geopolitical factors and market trends, GEMXX identifies regions with the greatest potential for significant undiscovered reserves and optimal extraction conditions.

The company’s strategic geographic focus on Latin America allows it to capitalize on the region’s vast reserves while navigating regulatory frameworks to foster mutually beneficial relationships with local stakeholders. Through a combination of innovation, expertise and unwavering dedication, GEMXX aims to redefine the possibilities in Latin America’s oil and gas sector.

The company is headquartered in Las Vegas.

Projects and Operations

Energy Investments

GEMXX is strategically expanding its business model to include a significant partnership with Latin Energy Partners Inc. LEP is actively exploring two basins in Latin America, with estimates indicating a potential for over 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil in each basin.

The two companies have defined terms to jointly drill four test wells in a promising geological formation in the Republic of Paraguay. GEMXX’s investment secures 40% of production from the first four wells and 40% of future production from nearly 25,000 acres surrounding the initial test well heads.

Seismic and geological data assessments show promising indicators for hydrocarbon deposits. Initial exploration of the two target basins confirmed several kilometers of sedimentary fill with strong potential for accommodating successful, conventional oil and gas petroleum systems.

Latin America remains largely uncharted in hydrocarbon exploration, yet recent studies suggest considerable untapped potential. GEMXX believes Latin America is one of the last underdeveloped energy opportunities on Earth, quickly emerging due to demand and deregulation.

Market Opportunity

A 2023 report from ReportLinker, an award-winning market research company, estimated the value of the global oil and gas market that year at $7.33 trillion and projected it would grow to $8.67 trillion by 2027, representing a CAGR of 4.3% over the forecast period.

The report identified the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, with its resulting economic sanctions and supply chain disruptions, as a constraint on market expansion that will hold market growth below its natural level. Oil price volatility is also likely to have a negative impact on market growth, according to the report. In May 2024, the market price of crude oil was approximately $78 per barrel.

The World Gold Council, the industry association for the world’s gold producers, estimated in 2023 the physical financial gold market, which is made up of bars, coins, gold ETFs and central bank reserves, is worth nearly $5 trillion. The council reports that gold mine production adds approximately 3,500 tons of the precious metal to the world’s supply annually, equivalent to about 2% growth.

This historical scarcity and relatively slow production of new supply, as compared to other commodities, is a primary reason gold has retained its value for millennia, according to the council. In May 2024, the market price of gold was approximately $2,340 per ounce.

Management Team

Richard Clowater is Chairman and CEO of GEMXX. His experience spans several industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, mining, gemstone manufacturing, industrial and commercial construction. He has worked throughout North America, the Middle East and Africa. He has been Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Korite International and Technical Sales Manager for Tarpon Structures. He also held the position of Regional Manager for Newalta, an environmental services company, where he oversaw operations for three divisions.

Deane Preston is Director of GEMXX. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in electrical infrastructure planning, installation and management. He previously served as Operations Manager at Northern Wasco County Public Utility District in Oregon. Prior to that, he served as an Electrical Technician/Manager at Florida Power and Light in South Florida.

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