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InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC), a dissemination organization that actively connects issuers to the investment community across all of North America, uses a data-driven approach and a team of over 70 professionals to offer comprehensive coverage in both United States and Canadian markets.

How is InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC) unique?

We have built a constantly evolving platform with an interactive database of more than 300,000 investment advisors and 30,000+ institutions and family offices across North America. These unique investor profiles are updated daily with information like purchasing habits, sector preference, product interests and much more.

Our investor outreach center provides each client with regular monthly detailed reporting to showcase the results generated by dedicated teams that leverage our proprietary platform and database to target the right audience at the right time.

The difference shows clearly in the numbers.

North American Investor Relations Outreach “By the Numbers” Focuses on Institutional Clients, Brokers & End Retail

Heighten market awareness of your company and offering with the right retail advisors and end-retail audiences via a National Database of broker dealers and registered investment advisors (including 30,000+ institutions and family offices across North America and over 11.5K IROC brokers). Our team uses a proprietary outreach system with machine-learning capabilities to optimize sales results while also facilitating individual and mass email strategies.


2018 Performance Numbers

1.43B Raised
1MM+ Calls Connected
3700+ Buyers
4.5MM Emails Sent


Areas of Expertise

Investor Relations – Heighten market awareness of your company with the right investment audience by building an investment brand that attracts, engages and retains targeted investors.

Continual Engagement – Truly connect with your subscriber list by deploying strategic phone and email-based outreach strategies. By providing direct accessibility to professional IR specialists, you create loyal investors who are engaged with your story.

Analytics – Fully optimize overall efforts as we collect the valuable data generated by each interaction and accurately report the results of our proprietary outreach system every month.


Strategic Communication – A dedicated team will generate over 1,000 unique phone calls per month for your company as well as execute tailored email strategies to distribute news and follow up with your pipeline.

Detailed Monthly Reports – A comprehensive list of your qualified leads in addition to detailed reports will provide full transparency into our team’s activities.

White Label Solution – Our InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC) acts as a direct extension of your brand and distributes your preapproved message to your audience.

Capital Markets (IPOs, RTOs and more) – Broaden your reach and increase retail participation in your capital raises. We are experts in leveraging existing relationships and building new ones.

Media Contact with NetworkWire – Generate leads, distribute news and relevant information to shareholders, and curate content for your brand.

Media Approach and Other Key Aspects

Our strategies are purposely designed to help you build and educate new and existing retail audiences, attract and retain investors, generate leads with demographic targeting, perform investor retargeting based on previous media consumption patterns, facilitate social media management and growth with curated content, as well as benefit from expert media and distribution consultation.

Structured Product – Establish and nurture relationships with advisors to build brand trust so they can feel confident in your custom financial solutions and use them for their clients’ portfolios.

ETFs – Increase retail participation in your company’s products by ensuring advisors across North America are aware of your strategy, management team, and strengths relative to the competition.

Shareholder Services – Captivate shareholders to garner support and ensure that high-profile shareholders are on board and actively championing your resolutions.

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