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ThursdayApr 05, 2018 4:28 pm

NetworkNewsBreaks – Skycoin ($SKY) Co-Founder Discusses Skyminer, an Internet Router for the Decentralized Web

In a recent video released on Skycoin’s (Crypto: SKY) official YouTube channel, Synth, the co-founder of the project, discussed the new router (dubbed skyminer) they designed for powering the next generation of the internet. The skyminer is really a combination of a router, a server rack, and soon a Wi-Fi access point as well. It is slated to have anywhere from 8 to 256 computers per router, and it will allow each one to perform a different function independent of the others. This increases robustness as well as security, since damaging or hacking one computing node does not affect the…

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TuesdayMar 27, 2018 4:31 pm

NetworkNewsBreaks – Neblio ($NEBL) Launches Neblio Orion after Successful Beta, Enables Users to Begin Issuing Tokens

The Neblio (Crypto: NEBL) team recently announced that its multi-signature wallet with NTP1 token support is now live! As announced previously, the “Neblio Token Protocol-1” (a.k.a. NTP1) allows any Neblio token holder to issue new tokens on the Neblio blockchain. Example use cases include employee identity management, asset tracking, records management, for use as event tickets, or to be distributed in a token sale. Also, these tokens have the novel ability to store metadata on the blockchain both in issue and transfer transactions. This will be invaluable for storing particular values, locations or descriptions (such as seating information for an…

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