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Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Campaign Promotion

Limited Time Offer BAD “BOGO” Starts Today!

When we first created the Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Solution to fortify and expand brand visibility for our client partners, we didn’t realize just how popular it would become… The Brand Awareness Distribution Solution has quickly become the industry’s most powerful and effective platform available to achieve meaningful and measurable brand recognition.

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“Buy One Get One” discount for the remainder of 2019!!

Our Brand Awareness Campaign is a “Ticker Tagged” Editorial Syndication Solution that spotlights your company brand in an editorial placed directly in the path of highly sought-after investor audiences via Digital Media Traffic Generation, Brand Awareness Distribution Partners and Financial Social Networking.

By design, the BAD is distributed as a news release and is fully approved by the issuer BEFORE the editorial piece is released. Each BAD campaign provides multiple days of unique coverage across an unparalleled distribution network. (See Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Campaign Options)

The results are nothing short of impressive.

Check out the impact of a recent three-day Standard BAD campaign illustrated in the charts below. Using web-based media monitoring, Tier One Financial Partner data and Exclusive Analytics the charts reflect online news and social media mentions of our client during this BAD campaign. As you can see, the spike in brand exposure is exponentially higher than the daily average, with audience reach surpassing 10 million potential viewers in a single day at the peak.

These results are typical of a BAD campaign, regardless of industry or sector.

The data demonstrates the BAD campaign is amazing!

How it Works

We work closely with your team to identify an “anchoring” topic that emphasizes the value of your brand within your industry. The BAD editorial extensively discusses your operations, recent news, management and focus as an organization; followed by brief mention of (4) Four of the largest players in relation to the selected topic. As a result, the BAD editorial lands in the news feed of the four “tagged” public companies and is seen by their shareholders.

The example below is with Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE: LLY).

BAD Campaign Example

The BAD is distributed throughout our massive distribution platform that includes more than 5,000 syndication partners, including some of the nation’s largest media outlets including MarketWatch, Apple News, NewsMax, USA Today and thousands more.

Please see the complete list of Brand Awareness Distribution Partners

Combining news with a compelling editorial, “tagging” the release to strong sector performers, and distributing this article through our powerful syndication network delivers the impressive results above.

We would like you to experience and enjoy these impressive results for yourself.

**For the rest of 2019, we will be offering a buy one, get one free BAD**

Simply reserve a BAD during the month of October and schedule a second BAD for distribution before the end of the year. With this offer, you only pay for the first BAD!!! Don’t delay in securing your spot. The four “tagged” companies included in the editorial must be reserved in advance and our BADs sell out quickly!!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and maximizing your brand recognition through our Brand Awareness Distribution solutions.

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