Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Solutions

Our Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Packages include all the features below and are available in two plan levels:

Our Ultimate plan provides Two editorials per week, while our Premium plan provides One editorial per week.

Optional Upgrade: If you would like to add Global Coverage of the NNW Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) via NNW Global with International Press Distribution: Including 14 Language Translations, Relevant Industry Trades and Worldwide Distribution in over 50+ Countries; then let NNW know and we will Upgrade the Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) to Global Distribution. See Complete NNW Distribution List Flipbook

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Amplified Syndication
Includes Broker Terminals
Custom Audience Targeting
Dedicated Newsroom Coverage
Digital Media Traffic Generation
Financial Social Networking
Interactive Distribution Report
Investor Network Sync
Multi-Approach Strategy for Maximum Results
Multiple Days of Exposure
Peer-to-Peer Email Communications
Social Media Exposure Included
Ticker Tagged Press Release