Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD)

Digital Media Traffic Generation

“Broadcast your story to top digital news portals”
Utilizing Digital Media Generation NNW is capable of quickly reaching online retail investors who visit top-rated financial sources & downstream partners such as Reuters, CNN, Scottrade, E*TRADE, CNBC, TD Ameritrade, WSJ, Barron’s, Market Watch and many more. Our Digital Media Generation Distribution Networks are highly effective at getting more eyes on vitally important news releases and developments. This capability greatly enhances the visibility of important press releases (PRs) and developments, putting clients in front of investors searching for time-sensitive, breaking news and new investment opportunities.

Ticker Tagged Editorial Syndication

“Appear alongside any large-cap company”
NNW is one of only a few firms able to issue multiple symbols in a Ticker Tagged Editorial Syndication or press release (PR). Tagging the ticker symbols of well-followed public companies can greatly enhance the exposure of your company’s news. When it comes to the distribution reach of these unique PRs, NNW stands above the rest. Our Ticker Tagged Editorial Syndication will reach major news online sites such as Market Watch, Reuters, Barchart, WSJ, Barron’s, CNBC, CNN, BigCharts, Zack’s, Scottrade, E*TRADE, TDAmeritrade, SiliconInvestor, along with numerous Tier One financial sites and blogs: This is a capability unmatched by our peers. By including other industry/sector-related NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX companies within a Ticker Tag PR showcasing your company’s news, you receive exposure to an exponentially large number of retail investors. Imagine the power of this type of PR when an investor skims the news for a large company such as Apple or Microsoft and finds news about your brand!

Financial Social Networking / News Articles

“Combine traditional distribution with next-generation communications”
Utilizing an exclusive social media network and feed platform developed by NNW, news alerts and PRs are instantly distributed to an online investor community of thousands of financial news sites, as well as a growing audience of retail investors and financial professionals that frequently use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media networks.

Peer-to-Peer Email Communications

“Reach your audience directly”
With NNW’s email communication strategies, your news is delivered straight to the inbox of our community of retail investors and financial professionals. NNW’s opt-in, permission-based email system allows easy access to a rapidly growing database of thousands of targeted retail investors and possible future shareholders. All NNW news alerts are disseminated through our branded email communications delivery system to ensure instant and enhanced exposure for your news.

Additional Brand Awareness Distribution (BAD) Information

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