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The Decision

If you’re leading a business today, then you know the rules of the marketplace: you’re either one, two or who.

You’re either raising money and growing fast, controlling the competition, or it’s time lock in your win and exit the business. In this market, nobody can afford to stand still.


The Decision is a pulse-pounding, game changing concept presented by Warrior Week’s Sam Falsafi and best-selling author Oren Klaff. For companies with $20 million or more in revenue, who are aren’t clear on the best path financial path forward, the duo helps them confront the biggest business decision they’ll ever make:

Are you going to raise more money to grow the company, or is it time to sell the company and exit?

Choosing between the two incompatible options will represent a lifechanging decision for entrepreneurs – one that could be worth $100 million or more.

Changing the Way You Think About Business

Every businessperson dreams of a big financial exit that will cement his or her legacy for generations, but there’s often a wide gap between dreaming and getting it done.

Unfortunately, the all-consuming drive to build a company and a legacy is often destructive. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Sergi Brin were all successful at establishing themselves as icons of industry, but similarly they all made a mess of their personal lives. Too often this is what comes hand-in-hand with a headstrong approach.

Through The Decision, Sam and Oren confront aspiring moguls and give them the guidance needed to achieve professional success without sacrificing family values and personal convictions. By rising to the occasion and following Sam and Oren’s instructions, a few entrepreneurs will have a chance to succeed where it matters most: family, relationship AND business.

About Sam Falsafi

Sam Falsafi is a 15-year veteran of the oil and gas industry with several years of progressive end-to-end supply chain management, information technology management and business development experience.

Since then, Sam has served as CEO and Chief Training Officer of Wake Up Warrior, where he created Warrior Week, a unique transformational experience for married businessmen with children.

He has personally trained over 3,500 elite businessmen and has helped over 50,000 men worldwide improve their businesses and overall life.

Not many leaders lead with the “sword of truth”, making Sam Falsafi one of the most impactful and effective trainers in the world today.

About Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff is the author of Pitch Anything, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide. His unique insight allows him to see what’s working and what’s not.

Oren has contributed to more than $25 billion of investment pitches throughout his career – an absurdly large number that’s growing every day.

As Director of Capital Markets for investments at Intersection Capital, Oren Klaff is responsible for managing the firm’s capital raising platform, which includes both direct capital raising and deal syndication.

Throughout five years in the securities markets, Oren has supervised and assisted in the placement of over $400 million of investor capital. He also served as a venture analyst and partner at several mid-sized investment funds.

Investment Considerations
  • The Decision targets headstrong businesspeople and aspiring moguls who, for years, have been hard-charging down the path toward a $100 million empire.
  • The program is presented by The Warrior Sam Falsafi and best-selling author Oren Klaff.
  • Sam and Oren will help proven entrepreneurs establish a clear path to $100 million without falling into the all-too-common traps of deception, betrayal and personal disgrace.
  • The Decision event is scheduled to take place October 7-9, 2021.
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