RenovaCare, Inc. (RCAR)

RenovaCare, Inc. (RCAR) is a biotechnology company engaged in the breakthrough development of autologous, or self-donated, stem cell therapies for human organ regeneration that are the first of their kind. The company believes its technologies represent the greatest innovation in wound healing the world has seen in decades.

RenovaCare’s initial products, currently under development, target the human body’s largest organ: the skin. The company’s flagship technology is the CellMist™ System, which employs RenovaCare’s patented SkinGun™ to spray wounds with a liquid suspension of a patient’s own stem cells, called the CellMist Solution. RenovaCare is also in the process of developing medical-grade liquid spray devices to be used for wound care and irrigation fluids.

In investigative clinical use in the United States, treatments with the SkinGun have shown exciting potential to naturally and quickly heal burns and other serious wounds without scarring and without subjecting a patient to additional pain. RenovaCare is developing the CellMist System as a favorable new alternative for treating patients suffering with burns, chronic and acute wounds, and scars, which represents a $45 billion market in the United States alone. The CellMist System targets approximately 143 million patients across the globe who suffer burns, chronic and acute wounds, acne scarring, and skin defects and diseases like vitiligo.

The CellMist System works by harvesting a patient’s own stem cells from a small skin area, usually about 1 square inch, and then suspends the stem cells in the water-based CellMist Solution. This suspension is then gently sprayed on the patient’s wound via the SkinGun deposition device and starts growing brand-new skin at the cellular level.

The SkinGun offers a vastly improved option over pump spray devices, which operate by creating high pressure behind a narrow aperture and expose delicate cells to strong forces that are likely to tear them apart. In contrast, the SkinGun uses a gentle positive-pressure air stream to spray wounds with the CellMist Solution in a procedure that can be completed in as little as 90 minutes. Patients will be able to leave the hospital within only a few days, in some cases, as opposed to enduring a hospital stay of many weeks, which is required with other alternative treatments like in-vitro cultured epithelial grafts.

Skin disorders currently account for 40 percent of nationwide occupational-disease claims, the National Institutes of Health reports. The potential breakthrough of a fast-healing, gentle mist composed of a patient’s own stem cells presents an exciting alternative for conventional skin grafts, which can be very painful, slow healing and complication-prone.

RenovaCare continues its push to bring these breakthrough products to market as quickly as possible and, thereby, eliminate the necessity of painful skin graft surgeries, significantly reduce the length of hospital stays, and minimize pain and infections for patients afflicted with burns, wounds, and skin defects and diseases.

Investment Considerations
  • First-of-their-kind technologies have potential to painlessly and naturally treat burns, wounds and scars using a patient’s own stem cells
  • Products will address $45 billion U.S. market and offer relief to 143 million patients worldwide
  • Patented SkinGun™ deposition device is most advanced technology of its kind in the world
  • Therapies have potential to replace painful skin graft surgeries, cut patient hospital stays, and minimize pain and infections
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