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Greenhouse Solutions, Inc. (GRSU)

Greenhouse Solutions, Inc. operates within the burgeoning hemp industry to deliver a patented technological process that combines the therapeutic benefits of hemp seed oil with the health and wellness effects of probiotics. The company also endeavors to develop its own line of products, and recently introduced a beverage marketed as a dietary supplement to enhance brain function, boost energy and burn fat.

Backed by 30 years of study and research, Greenhouse Solutions’ molecular formula encapsulates the numerous therapeutic benefits of hemp seed oil and combines them with the incredible health effects of probiotics. The company licenses its molecular formula – protected by U.S. patent 608401 – to nutraceutical, functional beverage and health food manufacturers who are able to develop custom probiotic-fueled botanical formulations to add to their health and wellness products.

The combination of hemp seed oil and probiotics helps mitigate digestive problems in existing health and wellness products, and increases the efficacy and uptake of supplemental nutrition and nutraceuticals.

The first commercial product featuring Greenhouse Solutions’ ingredients is the Raspberry Wonder drink, developed in partnership with Koios LLC, a major nootropics developer. Raspberry Wonder was created by infusing Koios’ proprietary formulations with hemp seed oil to enhance brain function, boost energy and burn fat.

Work is now underway to develop the next generation of Raspberry Wonder using Greenhouse Solutions’ patented process to suspend active probiotics in the beverage. Additionally, the partnership is engaged in the research and development of a new probiotic hemp oil-infused cold-brew coffee beverage, the commercialization of which will be the first of its kind.

Greenhouse Solutions’ is also working with a major health supplement developer to produce a probiotic-infused phytocannabinoid oils ingredient for use in the nutraceuticals market. By leveraging the water solubility of probiotics – another GH Solutions innovation – the ingredient has potential use in a number of formulations, including capsules, foods and beverages.

At the core of Greenhouse Solutions’ innovations is the acknowledgement that people experience a greater and faster benefit from the combination of botanicals and probiotics. The company is pursuing the tremendous advantages of applying this technology to hemp oil, helping its partners develop formulations specific to their product goals. Fueled by the continual discovery of new applications, Greenhouse Solutions expects to see hemp seed oil incorporated into a wide range of products and uses, thereby presenting plentiful opportunities for corporate growth.

The company’s initiatives are spearheaded by a management team experienced in a diverse line of relative fields and skillsets, including acquisition, licensing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products; consulting services; business development; finance and technology; medical marijuana; and more.

Investment Considerations
  • Positioned as the pathway to products that offer the therapeutic benefits of hemp oil and probiotics like never before
  • Core molecular probiotic formula is founded on US patent 6080401, the result of more than 30 years of study and research
  • Partnering with health and wellness manufacturers to supercharge the benefits of their products
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