Cogint, Inc. (NASDAQ: COGT)

Cogint, Inc. is on a mission to transform raw data into actionable intelligence through the use of proprietary technology platforms that solve complex problems for clients across a variety of industries. Through wholly-owned subsidiary Fluent, the company aims to help marketers navigate and engage large-scale audiences that can be converted into valuable customers. At the heart of these efforts is the proprietary CORE™ data fusion platform, which powers Fluent’s performance-driven marketing suite, as well as Cogint’s analytics and risk management products.

Leaning on the marketability of its Fluent solutions, Cogint has already formed strategic relationships with more than 500 prominent brands, including leading athletic apparel chain Finish Line and global financial services giant Western Union. This impressive market penetration is backed by an immense reservoir of exclusive consumer data that’s been collected through Cogint’s innovative marketing suite. On a typical day, the company records over 700,000 direct user interactions, six million survey responses and greater than 1.2 million ad responses.

The market potential of Fluent’s hyper-targeted, user-centric marketing suite is expansive, and industry forecasts suggest that the size and scope of the company’s current operations could be primed for dramatic growth in the years to come. According to a study by eMarketer, digital display ad spending is on pace to overtake search ad spending in 2016 for the first time in history, accounting for about 48 percent of a $67 billion industry. By 2019, digital display spending is expected to total $46.69 billion, or about 50 percent of overall digital ad spending in the United States.

Cogint’s influence in the data analytics space isn’t limited to consumer marketing. Leveraging its Agile Acquisition Engine™, the company provides its clients with the technological backbone to perform a plethora of investigative tasks, including fraud detection/prevention, identity verification, regulatory compliance and location tracing. Offered through Cogint’s IDI (Interactive Data) subsidiary, the company’s idiCORE investigative solution gives it a foothold in an increasingly mainstream big data analytics market, which is on track to top $203 billion by 2020, according to IDC Research.

The continued growth of the company’s idiCORE solution also highlights one of Cogint’s most noteworthy assets – its management team. The company is led by CEO and Interim President Derek Dubner. Dubner’s experience in the data fusion space is extensive, including 15 years during which he worked closely with the late Hank Asher, an industry pioneer that is regarded by many as the father of data fusion. Notably, Dubner served as general counsel to Asher’s final database business, TLO, from its inception through to its sale to TransUnion in 2013.

Recent additions have continued to bolster the company’s management team. COO Harry Jordan joined Cogint in early August 2016. Jordan boasts two decades of industry experience with outfits such as LexisNexis. Shortly thereafter, Jeff Dell was appointed as Cogint’s new CIO, assuming the same role he previously held at both TLO and Seisint.

Investment Considerations
  • Fluent marketing suite offers hyper-targeted, user-centric advertising solutions to more than 500 leading brands
  • idiCORE investigative solution targets $130 billion big data analytics market with unmatched efficiency and value
  • Seasoned management team boasts decades of experience guiding the emergence of modern data fusion across multiple industries
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