CableClix (USA), Inc. (CCLX)

CableClix (USA), Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a video streaming and caching company bringing local high definition premium content over private networks owned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). CableClix provides high-speed, HD, live, video-on-demand services to subscribers in their local viewing area. CableClix bridges the gaps between video content, local broadcast affiliates, internet service providers and end users, and brings high definition video to even the most rural locations.

Formed in 2013 to be a leading provider of high-definition streaming television over broadband connections, including local network content, CableClix makes it easy to finally cut the cable – something that more television viewers say they want to do as a way to simplify their viewing habits, trim costs, and experience new viewing choices. Through CableClix, viewers can stop wading through channel apps, avoid annoying search entries on a TV screen, and get great content without a cable subscription. It’s simple, easy to learn and use, and gives consumers what they are clearly asking for: the convenience of watching their favorite shows anytime, unaltered and without a barrage of irrelevant marketing and advertisements.

Based on extensive research, CableClix engages a number of media partners that are eager to gain additional viewers from new markets and whose content is most appealing to those who want to cut the cable cord. Through CableClix’s AI/data core, valuable information on rapidly-changing viewer behavior is tracked, which enables media partners to pilot new content to wider audiences.

Company president and CEO Kris Domich is a globally recognized thought leader with more than 23 years of experience in complex internet-based services and solutions. He is joined by Greg Steinke as investor relations and communications director, and Cauri Jaye, chief product officer.

CableClix is committed to the development and continual enhancement of products and services that deliver the programming that consumers want, affordably and reliably. To do this, CableClix uses best-of-breed technologies, innovative people, and a customer-centric philosophy that underpins every aspect of the company.

Investment Considerations
  • Artificial intelligence platform for content personalization and user data interpretation
  • Service design based on deep industry research and knowledge
  • Content strategy promotes rapid acceptance and growth into new markets
  • Innovative platform ensures delivery of HD content to end users in any location
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