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Apollo Power Ltd. (TASE: APLP)

Apollo Power Ltd. (TASE: APLP) is a publicly traded company listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd., with headquarters in Haifa, Israel. Apollo Power develops innovative technology solutions and products in the solar energy field. The company’s flagship product is a flexible, durable, lightweight solar film designed to transform virtually any surface under the sun to an energy production source. Apollo Power has secured one patent with five pending patent applications in varying stages of approval.

The off-grid solar energy market is expected to explode over the next several years with sales hitting the USD $3.1 billion mark by 2020, according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Apollo Power’s flexible solar film is set to disrupt the off-grid solar market because of its significant advantages to traditional solar energy products. Apollo’s competitive and technological advantages include:

  • Lightweight, flexible solar film expected to weigh less than 1 kg per square meter
  • Easy surface installation using simple double-sided adhesive tape
  • Manufacturing process uses simple coating methods and standard roll-to-roll machines with no high precision or clean room processes required, significantly lowering costs

Apollo Power’s technology utilizes a “solar paint” formulation composed of an active material and additives. Once a sunlight photon hits the “solar paint,” an electron is excited and electrical current is generated – making the process easy, accessible and hugely cost-effective. A unique and patented selective electrodes net collects the current generated in the “solar paint,” which is based on stable, abundant and low-cost materials that do not react with moisture or oxygen.

Targeted markets include building-integrated photovoltaic systems, regions of the world without a centralized power grid, integration of the company’s technology in existing roadways, and rolling out the technology onto large infrastructure-integrated systems placed on bodies of water such as reservoirs. This concept of deploying floating solar panel technology is seen as a game-changer since it would reduce the evaporation of water in arid locations while simultaneously creating energy from a previously unavailable source.

Installing the company’s flexible solar film on the exterior of buildings would not only produce electricity, which can be used on-site or sold to the grid, it would cut energy costs while adding value to the building’s architectural façade and help reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Recent studies suggest the emerging building-integrated photovoltaics market is expected to witness significant growth as higher demand for integrated solar energy solutions spread. Thin film technologies, such as those developed by Apollo Power, are favored, with the global market size expected to soar past USD $7 billion by 2026.

Apollo Power is also investigating the development of a solar home system for the production and accumulation of electricity that targets the off-grid solar market. There are 1.2 billion people worldwide with no access to electricity through an established electrical grid system, and another 1 billion who rely on irregular electrical grid connectivity. About USD $27 billion is spent annually on lighting and mobile-phone charging with kerosene, candles, battery-powered flashlights or other fossil fuel powered stopgap measures. Solar-powered portable lights and home kits based on innovative financial models, such as PAYG (“Pay-As-You-Go”), offer a better service at a lower cost.

The company’s founders and management team, led by CEO Oded Rozenberg, provides many decades of experience in the fields of renewable energy, finance, international relations, chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology, in addition to a keen eye on the regulatory requirements of the solar industry. Apollo Power’s company vision is described in the following inspiring words:

“To create a world in which electrical energy is available to every individual, regardless of their geographic location, financial means or technological capabilities.”

Investment Considerations
  • Disruptive technology solutions and products for solar energy fields
  • Flexible solar films designed to convert any surface to an energy production source
  • One patent awarded; five pending applications in varying stages of approval
  • Off-grid solar sector projected to reach USD $3.1 billion by 2020
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